Of Porks and Barrels

Most of our fellow Pinoys are too accustomed to asking favors. And as i see it, our greatest downfall. Most are being taken advantage of because of this, and how better to blackmail someone on all levels than to give them a small favor they don’t even need to ask?


I’m constantly hearing politicians say “what about the poor people being helped by our PDAF(pork barrel)? We helping them with their medical expenses. blah blah blah”.  And in return what are these so called poor being asked to do? Keep them in power, of course.  And we’re asking why Political Dynasties don’t end?


First of all, the poor don’t need politicians giving them “medical referrals”, public hospitals aren’t supposed to ask for those and give medical assistance to anyone in need.  Second, these so called saints are taking advantage of their ill-educated constituents by supposedly giving them whole heartedly what they’re already supposed to be getting without asking.


To live forever and yet be forgotten

Romeo o’ Romeo, who art thou
doth thee have a name
or did the actor played a game?
Juliet, sweet Juliet
what of your fame
did the memory of you
it too, was lost all the same?

Does anyone know who played Romeo and Juliet from one of the most famous works of Shakespear? I’m pretty sure i don’t. But that’s not really the point. As i’m also pretty sure that it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that Shakespear wrote one fo the most treasured literary art of all times. Played for more than a million times on stage and made into a movie more than just twice (with another one coming out soon).

I was never really a fan of actors and actresses. I believed them to be nothing more than advertisment of the genius of the story teller. More often than not, in a conversation about showbiz, I’m often lost. Some would even call me ignorant of an actor’s beauty. But not really. I’m able to recall scenes so vividly as though I’m still watching them as they go.

I’ve been watching the news since i was in highschool and it has almost been two decades since then. Ever so often, during the showbiz portions, newscasters would interview a movie’s audience. How was it? How did you like it? Did you enjoy it? Are the questions frequently asked. And most often than not, the reply would be “I liked (name of actor)”, “(name of actor) was great”. And it never really says anything about the movie at all, does it?

Take a movie review for example. Most often than not critiques would tell you how much they like how the actor or actress played the part. How they portrayed the scenes or how exciting they made it. Not often do you hear them say anything about how the writter told the story or how well the story was written.

With regards to adaptations from books, the writter’s name becomes nothing more than a title’s subtitle. It wasn’t because it was written by but because it was played by. It’s not because the story was great because it was. But because the actor was handsome or the actress was sexy.

Somehow I’m disappointed by today’s generation’s ability to grasp true beauty. But then again, i’ll stick with my books and you stick to your movies…

Living La Vie Parisien

Cheapskate Advisory: If you’re not willing to dish out a couple of hundred pesos to enjoy good food and ambience together with friends, you might as well close this window and move on.

Earlier, Candy and I, together with her friends went back to La Vie Parisien located somewhere in Cebu City. I’ll tell you later where it’s actually located and for now will try to make your brain drool.  I’m not one for photographs as I don’t have the skill nor talent for taking pictures using a camera.  I might grab a picture or two from my fiance or if permitted by her friends, would grab from their albums.

The place looked a bit small and unassuming but soon later realized that there was a garden just behind it filled with comfy chairs and tables to unwind, relax and savor the moment with friends.  Before you enter, you’ll be greeted by a glass door in iron frames with a rope at the top attached to a little weight at the end. As i opened the door, the weight slowly rose and as i stepped inside, the same weight pulled and kept the door close.  It was a cool place i thought, so cool in fact that it was around 26 to 27 degrees Celsius with two aircons blew.  I stood by the doorway and to my left was a tender wearing a thick coat and a pair of mittens, reminds me of Bagiuo, i thought to myself.  She was busy baking croissants, but not too busy to answer our questions as to how long before they were done or what would be available sooner.

The shop was filled with cheese, marmalade, spices, and liquors. As i’ve come to know with the help of my fiance who researched the shop before, is well known for their French Macarons. Her friend bought one of each for us to munch on and they reminded me of hard marshmallows but not too hard that as i sank my teeth, they didn’t crumble. I could taste the fruit that was used as it reached my tongue as though i was eating the fruit itself.  I could here small pops of strawberry or blueberry seeds as i started to chew.  I could live with this, i thought. Grabbing across the table to try and taste the others flavors. Incomparable. You’d mostly favor one flavor over the other, but in this case you’d try to taste them all.

The bakery also offers a wide array of sandwiches filled with vegetables and fruits topped with tuna or ham. I have yet to grab a bite from those and is planning to come back in the near future.

Before i forget, at the side of the store is some kind of cellar. Around 4 meters in height, 3 meters in height and about 10 meters long. It showcased everything from champagnes, roses, sparkling wines to wines themselves. It looked like a beehive filled with bottles that ranged from 150 to around 4 thousand pesos. If you’re looking for a good bottle and have time, ditch the grocery wineries and head straight to this hidden mine of liquors.

The bakery is located  Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City. For MtG players, it’s just near JY Square.

my childhood

i watched the clouds danced, from atop a rusted roof
as children scream wildly with glee not too far below
remembering my childhood with heartily smile
when forgotten faces of friends used to run amok on empty streets

battered and beaten empty cans of sardines would fly
as slippers trash it around as an afternoon’s game
drawing lines over street lines using charcoals
fun used to be unisex, there were no bounds

on evenings when lights went out
we wondered why it was called brownout
when everything was too dark to see
not even your hands close to your face

beneath a full moon, you’d hear children scream
no cars rushed by, no accidents, not even fire
we’d scurry, bumping each other, a swollen forehead
tears would be held, hiding was of great import

by summer’s end rain would fall unforgiving
mud and white uniforms would mix
water holds no barren ground for excitement
sickness was unheard of, or we just didn’t care

as my dreams brought me to the present
children’s scream faded like the sun
slowly drowning by the horizon
an echo, silently going


Can you fall in love without sight?
nor feel the hand that holds you in your dreams?
can you listen to words she whispers in your ears?
can you taste the lips that kisses you in your sleep?

and yet slowly you fall
without hope, and yet without fear.
uplifting your soul
and making you whole

can you speak without voice?
and yet be heard for miles?
can your words be felt?
even when words themselves fall short?

love is digital
a series of ones and zeros
turning you on
leaving everything off

a nerd’s love letter

I will be your monitor
the window to your soul
twenty forty eight
by seven sixty four
a piece of heaven
seventeen inches at a time

i will be your keyboard
listening to your woe
the strokes in which that eases
your sadness, and your sorrow
the tireless ear
always near

I will be your mouse
the pointer that guides your way
never far, but a click away
turning each page
as you take a step
forward, backward or stay
scrolling through life
with each passing day

i will be the media player
the itunes as you sleep
singing lullabies softly and sweet
the soundtrack as you dream


Everything may seem wrong,
nothing may seem right
but i’ll be there to hold your hand
and get you through the night

the future’s bleak,
and your courage weak.
you fail to pass,
when failing seemed impossible.
you are young,
what wrong with loving someone.

Everything may seem wrong,
nothing may seem right
but i’ll be there to hold your hand
and get you through the night

today it rained,
so hard, you woke up late.
time passed by,
before you can even say hi,
they day has said goodbye.
and the plane has taken flight
left you alone, staring out of zone.

Everything may seem wrong,
nothing may seem right
but i’ll be there to hold your hand
and get you through the night

the memories were made
everything was filled with joy
until someone came,
and said you were just a toy.

Everything may seem wrong,
nothing may seem right
but i’ll be there to hold your hand
and get you through the night

your heart may break,
and your eyes may never see,
the light of day once again.
you may fall, stumble and crawl
but through it all,
i’ll hold your hand,
sing a song,
may not be long.
dry your tears,
take your fears.
hold you tight
and make sure you make it through the night

pieces of a dream

i walked the darkness all alone
guilt stricken and on my own
left without money and lost my home
just another beggar on the roam

spent my fortune pretending to be rich
trying to land the tip that i could never reach
and so i lost everything that i held dear
thrown away like a bottled beer

the pangs of regret bite my ear
i thought that it was nothing to be feared
now i lay alone the side of an empty road
picking up the pieces of my shattered dreams
like a puzzle only this time there are hundreds on the floor
though, i don’t have the time to scour

i should have listened to what they’ve said
something told me, only the truth was in their head
now that i am filled with shame
going back would never ever be the same

they tried to stop me but i wouldn’t let them
they tried to tell me but i wouldn’t even listen
now that it all came back to me
their words would have set me free

now the road is at it’s end
nothing there but an empty field, it’s barren
nothing more that i can do, to change
everything is out of range
on the floor i tried to pick up the pieces of my shattered dreams

the angel and the devil that lies in wait

if you were my angel,
i’d tear of you wings and grind them to dust,
forever will you succumb to the fury of my lust.
slave to my power and will be mine forever.
if you were my angel, you’ll deny the existence of the heaven’s above,
forever and eternity will you traverse the hell below, but will never know such sorrow.
if you were my angel… if you were….

if you were my angel,
i’ll be the devil on your back,
creep beside you, and make a hole on the crack.
shackle you in sin and drown the living being that resides within.
shape your world, and make vivd dreams truth,
watch the masses grow to become your sleuth.
forever and eternity on the palms of my hands,
watching you while you strip dance.
if you were my angel… if you were…

if you were my angel,
you’ll watch the twilights hall light up in crimson red,
never to see the sun come up when you lay in bed.
watch the stars fall before your eyes,
and bathe before the sweetness of my lies.
if you were my angel… if you were…

good night lovely moonlight

good night, sleep tight.
may the angel up at the heavens
watch over you as you sleep in deep slumber,
with the moon as you night lamp
and the stars as your guide,
may dream, dreams fit royally
with the tarots in the sky.
may you meet the mad hatter
and the white rabbit having tea,
the chesire cat up on a tree,
the jabberwock on the ceiling
and queen of hearts right after her meeting,
may the dragon’s fire burn ever bright,
as the pegasus lulls you to sleep this night.
as the pixies shower you with powder,
and the faeries light the way to the higher power.
before the sun rises at the horizon,
and the moon fades before the clouds of crimson.
may you have dreamt a journey,
where none has ventured for a century…

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